The perks of conversion

The perks of conversion

You are interested in the conversion but you want a better vision on why should you ?

Let us help you.

By converting your car, you make his heart young again. An entire new drivetrain is placed in. The electric motors are a simple, robust and mature technology that allows you to travel a million miles. No more oil required, less maintenance, lower usage of the brakes thanks to the regeneration of the motor, the car maintenance will be easier and cheaper !

The exhaust pipe and all local emissions, greenhouse gases and fine particles from the exhaust, will be removed thanks to the conversion. By switching from thermal to electric car, you greenify your transportation and become an actor of ecological transition. No more access restriction in cities such as in Low Emission Zones, you are completely free to go wherever you want.

You will discover the sensation of riding electric, this is an experience you cannot imagine until you try. No more noise, instant torque, regenerate the energy by braking, high efficiency, get closer to the future.

Last but not least, the conversion is a real return on investment. No more gas, save half of your fuel costs. The maintenance is reduced. Get tax reduction by riding electric (= lowest level of taxes). Give a new value to your car. The conversion is not only comfortable, virtuous and fun, it is also profitable !